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Do they make panties for boys?

Question by That Dude Brad: Do they make panties for boys?
I know it seems like a strange question but I’m looking for some cute panties like these http://fashiontribes.typepad.com/main/images/v248646.jpg . But panties are not made for guy’s (stuff) if you know what I mean. So does anyone know if they make any for guys to wear that are really cute?

Thank You

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Answer by Edgar R
WTF? lol. no thats chick stuff, lol. I guess they make thongs but why wear them, stick to boxers

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  1. Panties are made for girls, but many many boys wear it. Most guys found panties more comfy, the styles and materials also can never been found in boy underwear. Even panties are made for girls, but many seem to be able to fit the boys well, try it out. See attached web search ” Panties for Men at: http://www.hanes.com/Hanes/Browse/Search.aspx?first_answer=1&items_per_page=15&free_text=panties+for+men

  2. Sloggi is right. there are many style that fit a guy just great. I like the hanes sheer panties and thongs made of micro-fiber.

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